Collaboration and Big System Change

Buckland Hall 28-30 November 2014

Change is in the air – conditions seem right for a wholesale re-evaluation of economic value and it’s beginning to happen. This Walk Your Talk will bring together those with the energy, ideas, passion, vision and practical ability to foster more sustainable ways of living and working. Let’s gather to discuss the parts we have to play in this historic shift and channel our energy for powerful combined effect.

The power of Walk Your Talk lies in the eclectic audience we always attract. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an executive, an artist, activist, inventor or investor, a consultant, student or a policy maker, you’ll leave feeling re-vitalised, more motivated and clear.  Without fail, at least one person has some kind of transformative experience inspired by the rest of the group, which in turn inspires us all. Here’s how it works:

Walk Your Talk events are held in ‘Open Space’, a lightly facilitated process in which there are no designated experts or leaders.  You steer your own course as the day(s) unfold, and shape your own agenda to suit your purpose and need.  People learn together by walking and talking, sharing passions, curiosities, hopes, expertise and questions.

Drawing on each other’s wisdom, experience, encouragement and support, we all help each other with practical tips, connections, ideas, and advice to help overcome challenges and realise inspiring dreams.  Many people leave with personal action plans of specific changes for their life and work.

Walk Your Talk is invariably a moving, productive, inspiring and refreshing experience.  It’s all these things because we decide to give ourselves (and each other) enough time to get really deeply into the things that matter to us most.  So although it seems hard to justify time ‘off work’ and away from families, it is precisely this gift that clears our heads, relaxes us, and takes us to a depth of understanding and relationship that eludes us from day to day.  Have a look at the feedback from previous events, and ask yourself why you don’t deserve a fantastic working break in beautiful space, with wonderful people..