Feedback from Previous Years at Walk Your Talk

A wonderful clearing house of inspiration, wisdom, debate and motivation.

Jason Elliott
Ethical Jobs

An absolute must for me in a crowded diary. Although the thought of taking the time away from the office caused some anxiety, the reality was worth every moment. I built fantastic relationships, experienced a number of significant breakthroughs in my own thinking and planning, and found it so helpful to have space for strategic and long-term thinking that is so lacking in every day life

Thea Allison
Brighton & Hove Business Community Partnership

Walk Your Talk was excellent, and I look forward to the next one – with similar elements of good food, good company, great input, reflection, celebration and planning to move forward.

David Saunders
Space Energy Network

It is a place where ‘synchronicity’ flourishes so that you can step back into your world energised with the knowledge that there are likeminded people there for you – and with you – at every level.

Liz Morrison
Sporting Tactics

It was my first experience of Open Space and one I shall cherish. It is such a wonderful model for creativity and collaboration. I thought the venue was excellent and the food was superb.

John Wadsworth
Kairos Consulting

The most extraordinary experience where I felt alive, alert, rediscovered my child-like fascination, lost at least part of my ego and many fears and came home hopeful and zinging from head to toe. Nothing will ever be quite the same again and the only disadvantage has been that conferences with pre arranged agendas now seem rather staid and stale.

Anna Jenkins
Ethical Change

Simply put, it was an excellent few days. I loved the Hall, the atmosphere and I was inspired by everyone who attended.

Gwyn Jones
GBJ Consulting

Walk Your Talk was just a wonderful experience! Far better than the traditional conference formula … Best managed Open Space I have experienced and that’s a lot!

Bruce Nixon
Sustainability Consultant

It has value as a practitioners’ personal development space, allowing those engaged day to day in trying to make the world a better place to recharge, reconnect and refocus.

Andy Middleton
TYF Adventure

An inspirational way to remind ourselves that we don’t have to settle for a life that is less than we are capable of living.

Kate Dakers
Ethical Jobs